Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome (SIJ Syndrome)


The sacroiliac joints connect the upper and the lower halves of the body. More specifically, they connect the ilium, the largest part of the pelvis, with the sacrum. The sacrum is the base of the spine, upon which the entire weight of the upper body is placed.
Although the sacroiliac joints are, indeed, joints, they are not very mobile due the fact that the pelvis is surrounded by strong ligaments. Nevertheless, like other joints, the sacroiliac joints can cause pain and other problems: The articular surfaces can wear out or become inflamed or painfully blocked (SIJ syndrome).


Initially, SIJ syndrome can be treated with conventional analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Direct injection of a painkiller into the joint is also possible. Manual therapy can remove blockages of the sacroiliac joints.
If these treatments do not help, surgery may also be considered. One procedure involves an implant that immobilises the sacroiliac joint permanently.



DIANA is a simple and safe technique for fusion of the sacroiliac joint based on distraction interference arthrodesis, while…

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