Anterior Cervical Fusion

PEEK-OPTIMA® cervical vertebral body replacement

The lordotic form enables restoration of the natural anatomic shape. The main and end bodies are latched together securely to create a customized implant.

ATHLET is used following cervical corpectomy with anterior access (C3-C7) in case of instability and constrictions due to various underlying causes: ATHLET is contraindicated in severe osteoporosis and partial corpectomy.

Product-specific advantages:

  • Lordotic implant angulation
    • Optimal reconstruction of the natural spinal anatomy
  •  Large supporting surface combined with generous fenestration
    • Good implant stability at the same time as promoting osseointegration
  • Toothed surface
    • Secure anchoring in the bone owing to high primary stability
  • Fenestrated implant
    • Permitting extensive osseointegration
  • Simple and individual
    • 9 implant components and 4 instruments guarantee fine incremental height adjustment between 16 and 50 mm
    • Latch mechanism for easy and secure implant assembly
  • Made from titanium PEEK-OPTIMA
    • Simple positioning and optimal postoperative control

SIGNUS modular solution

  • Perfectly compatible with the pre-contoured TOSCA® CS plates, which can be screwed onto the ATHLET implant.
  • KAINOS®+ bone graft substitute for osseous fusion