Anterior Cervical Fusion

The established and efficient cage for interbody fusion

RABEA Titan is one of the most frequently used cervical cages worldwide for intervertebral body fusion. Its efficacy has been successfully documented over more than 15 years.

RABEA CS implants are indicated following cervical discectomy with anterior access in:

  • Soft disc herniation
  • Hard disc herniation
  • Mechanical instability
  • Calcification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Spinal canal stenosis

Product-specific advantages:

  • Toothed surface
    • Secure anchorage of the implant
  • Fenestrated implant
    • Permitting extensive osseointegration
  • Level implant bearing surface
    • Stress resistant contact surface
  • Rectangular design
    • Familiar Smith-Robinson surgical technique
  • Finely graduated heights and lengths
    • Accommodates patient-specific anatomy
  • Only one instrument required for implantation
    • Simple and safe handling
  • Made from titanium TiAIV
    • Proven strength and biocompatibility