PEEK-OPTIMA ® with ´Endless´ Carbon Fibres

Innovative and unique implant technology

The prerequisite for an innovative, long-lasting implant is a material that meets the stringent requirements of the user. With this in mind, SIGNUS has developed a new range of ECF-PEEK® implants together with its reliable and innovative partners, namely Invibio as the developer of the raw material, EndolignTM, and icotec as manufacturer of the implants.

ECF (endless carbon fiber) PEEK implants are composite implants produced from Endolign using a special molding technique. Endolign is a composite material consisting of PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer and endless carbon fibers. Invibio has thus created an outstanding implant material by marrying the globally recognized, positive properties of PEEK OPTIMA with highly durable carbon fibers.

Material benefits

  • Biocompatible
    • Like PEEK-OPTIMA, the material is biocompatible.
  • No Corrosion
    • PEEK and carbon fibers are inert. Corrosion does not take place.
  • Fatigue-Resistant
    • The material is highly resistant to fatigue.
  • Visualizable and artifact-free
    • ECF-PEEK implants can be visualized in imaging techniques without artifacts.
  • Tantalum fibers
    • The implant, while not visualizable alone, is rendered radiologically identifiable by the addition of tantalum fibers.