PEEK® polymer has been researched for more than 20 years in a wide range of indications, with outstanding results. The enhanced product, PEEK-OPTIMA, was launched in 1999.

Owing to its balanced, sophisticated properties and relatively high production costs, technical-grade PEEK polymer is only used in highly demanding medical and technological indications. Due to the excellent properties of medical-grade PEEK-OPTIMA, it is now possible to substitute the starting materials that in the past were the only implantable options - namely ceramic, aluminum, steel or titanium.

PEEK-OPTIMA® has been tested to ISO 10993 and classified as per USP VI, and a Device Master File has been deposited with the FDA - based on its properties and marketing authorizations, PEEK-OPTIMA® is therefore destined for use as an implant material. PEEK-OPTIMA® can be strengthened with carbon fibers, or combined with glass fiber components or other additives.

Material benefits

  • Radiolucency
    • Facilitating postoperative follow-up of the healing process by means of X-ray or CT scans
  • Artifact-free
    • No interference on MRI imaging
  • Almost as stiff as bone
    • The elastic modulus of 3.6 GPa is much closer to that of bone (approx. 12 GPa in cortical bone) than is the case with other materials.
  • Resistance to fatigue and creep
    • The semi-crystalline composition of PEEK-OPTIMA® guarantees that it is highly resistant to fatigue and creep.