Distraction Interference Arthrodesis of the Sacroiliac Joint

DIANA - the missing link in the treatment of pelvic girdle pain

DIANA is a simple and safe technique for fusion of the sacroiliac joint based on distraction interference arthrodesis, while accounting for neurovascular and osseous structures. Targeted, reproducible placement of the DIANA implant is achieved with sequential instrumentation, performing ligamentotaxis to stabilize the joint during the fusion process.


Painful sacroiliac joints in skeletally mature patients, requiring surgical stabilization by bone graft ing and internal fixation:

  • Primary osteoarthritis
  • Secondary osteoarthritis after stiffening the lumbar spine
  • Accessory joints
  • Dysplasia
  • Repetitive microtrauma
  • Post partum instability
  • Posttraumatic degeneration
  • Seronegative spondarthritides


Extremely safe dorsal approach away from the nerves and large blood vessels; the stabilizing ligamentous apparatus remains intact; bony and muscular structures are not impaired; controlled bony fusion; correctable (malpositioning of the implant will still not harm the nerves or blood vessels); the position can be controlled radiologically on three different planes during surgery; the essential markers of the instruments are visible; improvement in back AND leg pain has been demonstrated.