Distraction Interference Arthrodesis of the Sacroiliac Joint

The procedure

  • The patented DIANA instruments guarantee anatomically correct positioning of the implant; distraction and fusion of the joint are achieved by ligamentotaxis while accounting for the neurovascular structures and special osseous properties of the SIJ.
  • Permanent fusion is achieved intra- and extra-articularly by the implant and the generous packing of bone graft material (autologous or allogeneic) in and around the implant.
  • The procedure is gentle on the muscles and tissue, and revision - where necessary - is both easy and minimally aggressive.
  • The instrumentation is based on dilatation and allows for standardized procedures that deliver reproducible results.

Special features

  • The implant is positioned deep in the load-bearing column of the iliac bone. Procedures to date have not been capable of achieving such a position in the skeletal hypomochlion.
  • Only the proximal portion of the implant protrudes into the extra-articular joint space and sustains the achieved distraction, which is no more than 1 - 1.5 mm.
  • Subsidence of the implant into the softer bone of the sacrum is prevented by such positioning, as well as by the asymmetrical preparation and the "shoulders" integrated in the proximal thread.
  • The joint is not "screwed" in place; the joint space is retained or is corrected by the minimal degree of distraction
  • Retraction and correction are still entirely possible.
  • The access route permits the ligamentous, muscular and neurovascular structures to be preserved.
  • The instruments guarantee precise positioning and reproducible results.

DIANA training

SIGNUS supports the regular exchange of experience among DIANA users so as to broaden awareness of the range of indications and expand upon the evidence-based data.

In addition, we also offer theoretical and practical surgical courses for physicians and users.