Thoracolumbar posterior instrumentation

Greater flexibility and efficiency for all treatments – without compromise

The demands on a pedicle screw system are high — regardless of the indication. Both simple and complex treatments of the spinal column require the highest degree of security and stability to ensure optimal patient care, as well as an ergonomic and reliable instrument set.

DIPLOMAT® is a secure, modular and also economic fixation system for all indications with important attributes.

From experts for experts

DIPLOMAT® was developed in collaboration with international spinal surgeons and its use in various indications has been proven.
During development, the optimal balance between clinical performance and user -friendliness was the main focus — to ensure maximum practicality and optimal patient care.

Product-specific advantages

  • Intraoperative selection of tulip
    • More flexibility for the best possible treatment
  • Self-tapping double thread of the screw with increased thread pitch
    • Strong purchase in the bone increases resistance to pull-out forces
    • Faster insertion (4.5mm per rotation)
  • Screws are cannulated and fenestrated
    • Optimum screw guidance during MIS procedures
    • Smoother cement flow
  • One system instrument set for all indications
    • Significant reduction in time spent on logistics and reprocessing