Minimally invasive posterior instrumentation

„open" and „MIS" without having to change systems / Spontaneous augmentation

With the DIPLOMAT MIS system, SIGNUS offers a modular extension of the DIPLOMAT pedicle screw system, allowing the full functionality of the pedicle screw system to be extended by minimally-invasive access instrumentation, thereby achieving optimized tissue protection.


The surgical strategy can be adapted from "minimally invasive" to "open" at any time, using the same instrumentation. The DIPLOMAT MIS system uses pedicle screws of the DIPLOMAT system. A complete stand-alone MIS instrument set enables the user to perform complete minimally invasive treatment of the patient without the need to open additional sets.

Product-specific advantages

  • Small tulip diameters enable minimal approaches
    With a mere 12.5 mm tulip diameter, the DIPLOMAT MIS system permits the smallest possible invasive surgical approach
  • Fewer components for higher efficiency
    The DIPLOMAT system screws are suitable for open procedures as well as percutaneous and minimally invasive procedures, meaning that there is no need to change systems. This streamlines logistics and minimizes costs.
  • Integrated reduction option of the MIS rods
    The percutaneous tulips have a 17 mm reduction thread, which covers 95% of all MIS reduction maneuvers.
  • Fenestrated screws starting from 5.5 mm diameter
    Spontaneous augmentation of the vertebral body possible for unexpectedly poor bone quality from 5.5 mm to 9.5 mm screw diameter.
  • Maximum resistance to pullout forces
    Both in the pedicle and in the vertebral body, the self-tapping, double thread provides the best possible fixation and perfect anchoring in the bone — and without tapping.
  • DIPLOMAT MIS distractor/compressor
    Genuine parallel distraction or compression for perfect decompression of the intervertebral disc space.