Minimally invasive posterior instrumentation

Less traumatic - repositioning possible

Limited invasiveness with no restrictions to surgical use

NEVIO is designed for use with cannulated MONOPOLY™ pedicle screws and leaves the surgeon with many options: segmental distraction and compression, as well as sagittal repositioning (grade I). It is also possible to modify the surgical strategy from “minimally invasive” to “open” at any time, using the same instrumentation.

The combination of polyaxial, cannulated MONOPOLY™ screws and NEVIO is indicated for the following cases:

  • Degenerative spinal diseases
  • Traumatic or degenerative instability/dislocation
  • Spondylodiscitis
  • Tumor

Product-specific advantages

  • Highly stable “towers”
    • Allowing for reliable percutaneous correction of the position (distraction/compression)
  • Use of existing cannulated MONOPOLY™ screws
    • No additional implant site
    • No increased costs for special implants
  • Stable K-wires with diameters up to 1.8 mm
    • Precise and secure screw guidance
  • Integrated persuader
    • Simplifying rod placement
  • Small and large rod holding forceps
    • Mono- or multi-segmental treatment possible