Distractible intervertebral replacement implant

Cortical support - antirotational stability

The concept is designed to minimize the risk of subsidence and offer solid protection against dislocation.

Substance defects in corpectomies result in tremendous strain being placed on vertebral body replacement implants.
Stability can only be sustained if the compact substance provides adequate support, thereby preventing subsidence of the implant.

POSEIDON circumvents this risk of subsidence by offering the largest possible, rectangular inferior and superior endplates. The slightly convex design of the endplates also helps secure the position of the implant against the entire inferior and superior endplates of the intervertebral body without straining the less stable, central core.

The endplates are serrated and anchored in the inferior and superior endplates following distraction, thus providing the necessary protection against dislocation.

A secure mechanism prevents dislocation of the implant by reducing the tension in the endplates.

POSEIDON allows for individually customizable treatment by means of a modular system: distraction modules of five different heights ranging from 30 mm to 80 mm can be combined with endplates in a variety of sizes and angles.

POSEIDON can be used in combination with a ventral plate or posterior instrumentation following complete or incomplete corpectomy for intervertebral body destruction (e.g., following tumors, fractures or inflammation) in the thoracic and lumbar spine (T1-L5).

Product-specific advantages

  • Cortical support
    • No subsidence of the implant
  • Antirotation stability
    • Reduces the risk of implant dislocation
  • Modular design
    • Individual, patient-specific configuration
  • Freely adjustable mechanism
    • Controlled distraction
  • Endplates mountable in increments of 45°
    • Free choice of surgical access