Next in Fusion.®

"ST" - Structural Titanium

ST is a material with biomechanical properties developed by SIGNUS for optimizing interbody fusion. Its diamond grid structure with defined porosity offers the bone an ideal "anchor" for ingrowth of blood vessels and bone cells.

Material benefits

  • Safety.
    • 70% porous for optimal fusion
  • Stability.
    • As stable as cortical bone and as porous as cancellous bone!
  • Innovation.
    • Resembles the natural structure of cancellous bone

A special additive manufacturing process gives the ST-Line implants their complex, diamond grid structure. As a result, predefined pore geometries (size, depth, and interconnectivity) are obtained which simulate the three-dimensional structure and biomechanical properties of natural bone. The generation and metabolic activity of osteoblasts are promoted in such a way.


Despite the open structure and low total volume of titanium, ST implants exhibit a high level of mechanical strength and offer good primary stability. The modulus of elasticity is close to that of natural bone, thereby preventing the fusion-inhibiting, “stress-shielding” effect.

Morphology and design

In clinical use, the macro design of the ST-Line implants, with their smooth surfaces, proves beneficial when it comes to implantation and positioning, causing little damage to tissue and minimal trauma. In addition, the low total volume of titanium guarantees artifact-free imaging.